Dance Classes

 Mondays 7.15-8.15pm Beginners Level – Sassy Commercial Dance

Wednesdays 6.30pm-7.30pm Absolute Beginners – Level Sassy Commercial Dance

 Wednesdays 7.30pm-8.30pm Intermediate Level – Sassy Commercial Dance

Thursdays 7.30pm-8.30pm Beginners Level – Sassy Commercial Dance

All classes take place at The Box Portsmouth, Commercial Rd


Classes are booked online via our TIMETABLE  

Classes are non-refundable if cancelations are made with less then 24 hours notice


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Frequently asked questions

What genre of dance do we do at Neptune Girls?

We call it ‘Sassy Style’ commercial dance. Click to our About Page to see our promo video, to get an idea of the style we love here at Neptune Girls.

Do i need a dance background to take part?

No dance experience is required for our absolute beginner classes or beginner or classes. Some dance experience is required for our Intermediate classes.

We aim to be inclusive, if you want to dance you should get to dance, regardless of age, size, ability etc… You do not need to be a professional dancer, but if you are that is fine too!

It is important to us that our classes are a non-judgement zone, as well as being friendly, fun and supportive.

In our beginner classes we encourage our dancers to relax and focus on enjoying the movement and music rather than worrying about perfecting the choreography. Even during our Intermediate/Advance class the same ethos is embraced, we believe the more you can relax and take the pressure off the more you will enjoy yourself.

What should i wear?

Most participants wear leggings, t-shirts and trainers to class. If you are feeling brave, you have the option to put your heels on for the last 5-10 mins of class. But absolutely no pressure to do this.